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Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I have moved my blog to another site, so just klick at the link below and you'll get there!


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1 Advent!

Helloooo! Today was the 1st Advent! And I got to celebrate it with other Swedes at a Swedish ladys house here in town. Me and Nora went there together, and it was so nice! We listened to swedish christmas music, ate swedish christmas kakes and cookies and drank swedish Glögg! We also litted the first candel on the advents ljusstake together. It was all so nice and cozy and for a while it felt like I was home in Sweden. 
This was on our way to the "Jul fika", it is about -40° celcius outside, and I think it is painful to breath outside.. So I stay inside!
Here you can se the mauntens in the background too.
When we arrived to Irene's (the swedes) house we got welcomed by a cozy fire.
A loooot of lussebullar!
Pepparkakor (gingerbread)
And of course, GLÖGG!!! 
Irenes housbend got a Star Wars lego christmas calender from one of the other guests, and he got so happy!
I got to make a wich..
Irene litted the first candel on the Adventsljusstake.
It was such a perfect afternoon and now i really feel the christmas spirit! Haha, started to listen to christmas music on spotify when I got home.. Only 25 days left!

Back on track!

Hello family and friends again! It was a while since I wrote now, and a lot have happened. I have changed family, and I finally really feel like I am home here in Alaska. I moved last saturday to my STS coordinators house to live there fore some days until my new family got approved. I moved in here last monday and I already feel like a part of this family! This family contains my hostdad Brad, hostmom Carey, host sister Julia and host brother Garet. They are all so nice to me and I am so glad that I get to live with them all! 
Also yesterday was Thanksgiving! My first one ever, and probably not my last, I will definatly adopt that celebration to Sweden, I mean who would not want to have a day of from school, to just eat as much as you can and be thankful for stuffs? Geniusly!! We celebrated it at some frieds house of my hostfamily. It was really much fun and we ate soooo much! (Even if I could not try the turkey and had broccoli and brussels sprouts instead) I tried pumpkin pie for the first time, which was so good, and we had some amazing brownies!
We came home areound 5 in the afternoon, and when we came home everyone just kind of passed out in their own beds of food coma, haha! Later that night I whent to Nora's house, because today it have been Black Friday, and we were gonna get picked up by Monica and her host dad at 6 in the morning, so I figured it was best to stay at Nora for the night. We spended the night with her host sister Hattie, playing Twister and watching Dr. Who, it was so nice!
Black Friday was not really as I thought it would be.. I thought it would be a totoal cause, with hours of lines and nothing left in the stores, but I was wrong. Here in Alaska Black Friday was camparable with Åhlens City in Stockholm on a monday morning (dead). It was like noone out there! I fould some really nice stuffs and saved some money. I also had a lot of fun with Monica and Nora while shopping! I love you guys! After we were done with our shopping I whent home with Monica to her place where I stayed for about an hour and just are some of their Thanksgiving leftovers, and watched Scoobie Doo until Carey came and picked me up. Now I am back home, and I am sooo tired! I will not stay up long tonight, feels like I'm ready to go to bed now, haha (and it's only 5)!
Here is some pictures from yesterday and today:
This is a picture from yesterday morning, from my hostbrother Garets hockeygame! He scored once and they won with 4-0! 
The Thanksgiving terkey! I think it was about 24pound! And there is my hostdad Brad who slizes it up on the picture.
I kind of forgot to take a picture of all of the food before we started to eat.. But here is a pic from when we were done, haha, in the food coma!
Here you can se our dessert, Brownies, Pumpkin pie and Apple pie!
And here is from today, from our coffe break in all the shopping! On the picture you can se me and Monika, my serb!
This is how my view was from the car window when we whent from the first mall to the second, the sun were just rising and is was so cold (below -7 ferenhight!! That is like -21 celcius!!) so the air was foggy.
And there was a rainbow!!
Me and Nora in the backseat! She cut up her thumb for some days ago when she tried to cut a avocado, haha, she had to go to the emergancy part of the hospital and got 3 stitches and a big bandage and now she can't feel anything in the top of her thumb...
And guys, it's only 26 days left!!!!

I have American friends too!!

Hehe, just some pictures from Instagram that gives proof to that I have American friends (I'm not forever alone, even if it sometimes feels like that). People here are very friendly, happy and fun! It is easy to talk to anyone, and everyone is really interested in Sweden, especially if every swede is Blond, Tall and slim like me, haha, yeah sure we are! No but I really like the americans, Swedes should be a bit more like them, like more extreme in our temprament, not just "Lagom" all the time!
And yeah, here is some pics from my ballet class today!


Today when I checked the mejl box I found a package, from my family, FULL OF CHOCOLATEEE!!! It made me so happy! But I'm not going to eat them up now, I'm gonna store them, for those days when I just want to take the next plane back home, for the days when chocolate is the only solution to all of my problems.
My family knows me so well..
Here is all that I got in the package! SO MUCH!! Och Nora självklart ska du ha en kexchoklad! 

Christmas is here!

Hey! Here in USA christmas have already started! They play christmas music everywhere, sell christmas stuffs all over the place, the snow in on the ground and they send christmas movies with christmas commercials on tv, so I thought it was time for a christmas photo! So here we go!


Where we whent to take the pictures of the family there will also be a wedding tonight (I'm not invited though :( Don't know the people who will get married at all) so there was so pretty in there, just had to take some pictures f of the wedding setting!
It is cold here now.. 
.. So I warm myself up with coffee!!
Coffee makes me happy!
This was the cute family we took pictures of.
We also whent to this nice lake.
SNOWSNOWSNOW COLDCOLDCOLD!! I hope they will open the skiing hills soon so I can start to learn snowboerding!

Me in the winter land!

Today I have been on a ballet class, and after that I helped Kristie and Daniel with a photoshoot of a family. When we were done they took some pictures of me in the Alaskan winter land. After that I couldn't feel my toes or fingers anymore, haha, so we went home. We will soon take of to the Sushi restaurant and get some nice saturday dinner! Hope you all have had a good saturday!


I FINALLY got the package my mom sended to me for like 3 weeks ago yesterday! It was a package with 6 Daim!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! DAIIIIIM!!! YEY! I gave one of them to Nora today in school, she became so happy so she started to cry, haha! It felt good to be able to make someone so happy. 
Hela klassen tyckte vi va dumma i huvet som typ dog av happiness över en choklad. När vi förklarade att det är en sjukt god choklad från Sverige så ville alla smaka, men ingen fick! 
I had two hard test today too, in English, about Othello, that we have been reading for a while. And in Economics, about labor and wages. Hopefully I get a C...
This is how I looked today, just so you know! (or so you keep updated on how I look so you all know wich one is me when I get home, hahaha!)

The Alaskan winter is here

Knockknock at the door..
Me: Who is it?
Ok bad humor, but it was really like that, I whent out with the trash yesterday at like 12pm, and when I looked out of the window the same night there was snow everywhere! Literally winter over a night.
This is how it looks everywhere around here now, it is at least 10 cm snow! So winter jacket is on!
There wasn't to cold today though, "only" 26° fahrenheit, which is about -3° celcius. It is a really bad picture on the car, but I just wanted you to se how much snow it is!
Hopefully you don't have to get any snow for a while home in Sweden!

My wall

Yes, this is my homemade artwork on my wall over my bed. The text is from one of my favorite songs, Weightless of All Time Low, my favorite band. I thought it was a good expression for my year, and a good text to wake up to every morning.


Hellooooo! Yesterday was Friday, and we had a Riflery game after school, against South, so I got to meet Gjöri! She is in their team, and she is from Norway. We won the game, and I spended some hours in the club room with my team mates! After that there was the Talent show in school, and Nora was in it with her host sister Hattie. They didn't win anything, but they were very good, and I think that they deserved a price! After the Talent show we whent to Lars house for a team party! Haha, or party my be an exaggeration, we were 5 people chilling with a tv game and Lars host brothers snakes for some hours. It was nice, and we had fun! 
I feel like I have made so many new friends trough the Riflery team in only some days, and it feels awesome! I have even met a person who also haves All Time Low as her favorite band! AWESOME!!
The Rifler team room chilling!
We whent to the old gym and played some ball
Talent show program
Nora, and her crew!
Some guys who danced Break-dance, and thought they were super gangster, they were good at dancing, but I think they looked more hipster in their Flanell shirts..

I have joined a team!

Hey! I joined a team today after school! The Riflery team! They meet up after school everyday in the riflery room and shoot for a while, and every friday it is competition against some of the other High Schools in Anchorage, so therefor we dress up every Friday for the games. I think it will be really fun, and now I have something fun to do after school and I can learn something new.
Me in my Riflery clothes, they are totally new, so they are super stiff! I could not even sit down in a normal position, haha! They are suppose to be stiff even when they are worn in so they can keep you more stabil and then shoot better, so you can only imagine how they feel when they are new then..
How it looks in the shooting room.
Me and Lars in the chilling room, he showed me some German rap music, and we had fun with the other while we were waiting on his brother to get one with his shooting so he could drive us home.
My first Riflery shooting ever! Not to bad if you ask me!

Ice hockey game

Hey guys! Last saturday night I whent to a ice hockey game for the first time of my life! It was my organization STS that organized it, so I met up with lots of the other exchange students from all around Anchorage there, it was fun to meet them again! Almost all the other exchangers from my school was also there, and we sat together. 
The game was actually pretty fun to watch, even if I don't care at all about ice hockey, but there was no fight!! Which sucked because that is all I have heard about ice hockey - there is fights, but not that day..
Anchorages hockey team won the game with 5-0.
The Anchorage teams mascot, a polar bear (I think it is pretty ironic, hehe)..
From the left, Emilie from Denmark, MEEEE, Lars from Germany, Dominic from Switzerland, they all do to Dimond.
All the exchange students that whent to the game!
Me and a random mascot!
This si how Americans look!
YEEY! 5-0!
After the game everyone got free fortune-cookies, but it was no real fortune cookies, because they had commersial in them for some suchii restaurant, haha!
It was a fun saturday! 


Happy Halloween people! Today have been such a great day! It was so fun with all the people who were dressed out in school, how we got cookies at the lunch break at the schools Halloween costume competition. 
I whent to Noras house at 7, and at 8 we whent out with her hostsister and her two firends to go Trick or treat, it was so much fun, me and Nora felt like we were 6 years old again, and we got SO MUCH CANDY!!! Seriously! And it was crazy how we saw how parents drove there kids almoust to the door to the houses they were going to, I mean, how will the kids learn how to take care of themselfs when they can't even do Trick or treat by themselfs, haha?!?! 
Some houses were so well fixed for halloween, people here does really put their soul into decorations!
Here is some bad mobile pictures from the day, and you can see that I was like a "Dead military" in school, and Nora was Pippi Longstocking, Monica was a Fire woman, And you can also se me and my friend Taylor who was a zebra. Before I whent to Nora I changed clothing to "Bear", because it was wormer. 
This have been an awesome halloween, and it was really a day to remember!
Now I'm gonna try to get some sleep, school tomorrow.. And I am totoally high on sugar! HAHA, I don't think I have been eating this much chocolate in a looong time! But now I have tried most of the American chocolate sorts, and some of them are not bad at all!
Good night dear friends and family! I really appriciate that you follow my blog even if I am bad at uppdating, and I miss you all so much!!!


Hii! And Happy Halloween! Today is Halloween, and I am just getting ready to go over to Noras place to go Trick or Treat (yes we know that we are to old for it, but we have an accent, so I think we will get candy anyways).
I have been dressed up as a dead soldier the whole day, but I think that will be a bit cold in this Alaska climate to go around with outside, so now I'm a bear instead!!
I will show you some pictures from today when I get home :D

The Cotillion Dance in 34 pictures

The night started at Monicas and Francescas place where we got ready together.
Nora helped Monica with her makeup.
Me and the black ducktape, the sheap painful free-bra!!
Me and Nora
No, we are not normal, because normal is boring!
Tack och lov att jag har dig Nora! <3
My dress was awesome!
Beautiful Nora
Yes, we went crazy with the camera and couldn't stop to take pictures!!!
The whole gang!!
We whent to a Thai restaurant before we walked to the party. It was a very small restaurant, and we were the only guests they had, haha. The restaurant host wasn't even from thailand, she was Korean, haha, but she was so cute and nice!
My spicy Thai curry with fried veggies and tufo! It did not taste like Thaifood in Thailand at all, but it was good for beeing american and we had fun while eating it.
We ordered dessert too, one of each of the menue, plus this Thai Coffee.. It was actually really good, and we shared it like real brothers!
The good dessert, Sweet rice with mango and coconut sause, it was really good! We also ordered a "banana cake".. It was not good at all and the banana was pink, I have no idea what had happened to it, but it was not good..
The dance was at a fancy hotell close to the Thai resturant, everything was pink because it was like "breast cancer pink something" theam (they are crazy about that pink breast cancer thing here in America..).
This is what the "dance" looked like, or dance was a exaggeration.. People don't dance here, they Twerk.. and it is not pretty. And the music sucks! WHERE IS THE REAL PARTYMUSIC THAT YOU ACTUALLY CAN DANCE TOO?!? 
It looks better if you can't se the dancing people if you ask me, haha! No just kidding, but seriosly, I miss the Swedish way of dancing, where you actually ca enjoy it.
But I had fun, and I'm sure that we at least will go back to the Thai restaurant!!

A big day!

Hello friends! Right now I'm sitting in my Photo class with nothing to really do, because I forgot my camera at home, so I'm just chilling with good music. Today is an important day, becuse I will get to know if I made it to the Hockey Cheerleading team! I have not told you about it yet, but tried out for the team yesterday and have had Clinic (training for the tryout) for 2 days before that. It was very fun, and I think I did good on my tryout, I mean I have never done Cheerleading before, and I almoust nailed the whole Cheer and dance! The hardest part was the jums.. Let's just say like this - practise makes perfect (and I need some practise..).
But yeah, so there should be a paper somewhere in school saying if I made it or not, I have no idea where though.. Hehe. I'm not sure that I made it though, because most of the girls had done cheerleading for a long time, and they will only take in 12 girs, from the 20 who tried out. But anyways, I had a good time, met new people, learned some cheerleading and did my best, so it doesn't really matter.
The picture is taken yesterday before tryout, I got help from Noras host sister Hattie to make the "cheer-hair". which pretty much was to make it as big as possible and but it in a ponnytail. I forgot my hairbrush though.. So she had to brush it up with a fork, haha! But I had hairspray at least, so it ended up good! Thank you again Hattie!

Alaska sea life center

Hi! Yesterday my local STS coordinator had fixed a daytrip to Alaska sea life center with some of the other exchange students from Anchorage. It took almoust 3 hours to drive to there, but we had stunning views during the whole ride so we survived. We spended almost 2 hours in the Sea life center, and then we whent out to eat lunch/dinner. The Sea life center was placed in like the smallest town I have ever been to, so they didn't have such a big range of restaurants, but me and Gjöri (from Norway) found a Greek/Italian restaurant (americans are weird, I mean Italy and Greece have totoally different fook cultures, but they mix them on the same menue). The most fun thing that happened on the restaurant was that under the title "Italian specialties" the first dish was "Chicken Masala"... That is like the most Indian thing ever.. Americans!
We stopped during the ride several times to capture the beatuiful views on camera.
Group picture time!!
Fall in Alska
Stop 2 = Group picture 2! The water in the background is looking like milk because it is glacier water, it cantains small particels that makes it look like milk.
Christmas treas!!!
Me! It was so windy!
Group picture 3! At the sea life center, with a real seal in the background!!
The happy fish, so cute!!
Jellyfish. Did you know that they don't have any heart? Or brain? They are stupid hartless creatures! (hehe)
After Sea life center we whent back to Anchorage and home to Micheles (the local coordinator) home to eat, and make Smores, the marshmallow in kex with choclate thing. I couldn't have any marshmallows though (they are not vegetarian), but it tasted awesome with just the kex and the choclate..
My vegetarian smorse in the background!
At the table, where we played some games and had a good time.
It was a good day!

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