The Cotillion Dance in 34 pictures

The night started at Monicas and Francescas place where we got ready together.
Nora helped Monica with her makeup.
Me and the black ducktape, the sheap painful free-bra!!
Me and Nora
No, we are not normal, because normal is boring!
Tack och lov att jag har dig Nora! <3
My dress was awesome!
Beautiful Nora
Yes, we went crazy with the camera and couldn't stop to take pictures!!!
The whole gang!!
We whent to a Thai restaurant before we walked to the party. It was a very small restaurant, and we were the only guests they had, haha. The restaurant host wasn't even from thailand, she was Korean, haha, but she was so cute and nice!
My spicy Thai curry with fried veggies and tufo! It did not taste like Thaifood in Thailand at all, but it was good for beeing american and we had fun while eating it.
We ordered dessert too, one of each of the menue, plus this Thai Coffee.. It was actually really good, and we shared it like real brothers!
The good dessert, Sweet rice with mango and coconut sause, it was really good! We also ordered a "banana cake".. It was not good at all and the banana was pink, I have no idea what had happened to it, but it was not good..
The dance was at a fancy hotell close to the Thai resturant, everything was pink because it was like "breast cancer pink something" theam (they are crazy about that pink breast cancer thing here in America..).
This is what the "dance" looked like, or dance was a exaggeration.. People don't dance here, they Twerk.. and it is not pretty. And the music sucks! WHERE IS THE REAL PARTYMUSIC THAT YOU ACTUALLY CAN DANCE TOO?!? 
It looks better if you can't se the dancing people if you ask me, haha! No just kidding, but seriosly, I miss the Swedish way of dancing, where you actually ca enjoy it.
But I had fun, and I'm sure that we at least will go back to the Thai restaurant!!

A big day!

Hello friends! Right now I'm sitting in my Photo class with nothing to really do, because I forgot my camera at home, so I'm just chilling with good music. Today is an important day, becuse I will get to know if I made it to the Hockey Cheerleading team! I have not told you about it yet, but tried out for the team yesterday and have had Clinic (training for the tryout) for 2 days before that. It was very fun, and I think I did good on my tryout, I mean I have never done Cheerleading before, and I almoust nailed the whole Cheer and dance! The hardest part was the jums.. Let's just say like this - practise makes perfect (and I need some practise..).
But yeah, so there should be a paper somewhere in school saying if I made it or not, I have no idea where though.. Hehe. I'm not sure that I made it though, because most of the girls had done cheerleading for a long time, and they will only take in 12 girs, from the 20 who tried out. But anyways, I had a good time, met new people, learned some cheerleading and did my best, so it doesn't really matter.
The picture is taken yesterday before tryout, I got help from Noras host sister Hattie to make the "cheer-hair". which pretty much was to make it as big as possible and but it in a ponnytail. I forgot my hairbrush though.. So she had to brush it up with a fork, haha! But I had hairspray at least, so it ended up good! Thank you again Hattie!

Alaska sea life center

Hi! Yesterday my local STS coordinator had fixed a daytrip to Alaska sea life center with some of the other exchange students from Anchorage. It took almoust 3 hours to drive to there, but we had stunning views during the whole ride so we survived. We spended almost 2 hours in the Sea life center, and then we whent out to eat lunch/dinner. The Sea life center was placed in like the smallest town I have ever been to, so they didn't have such a big range of restaurants, but me and Gjöri (from Norway) found a Greek/Italian restaurant (americans are weird, I mean Italy and Greece have totoally different fook cultures, but they mix them on the same menue). The most fun thing that happened on the restaurant was that under the title "Italian specialties" the first dish was "Chicken Masala"... That is like the most Indian thing ever.. Americans!
We stopped during the ride several times to capture the beatuiful views on camera.
Group picture time!!
Fall in Alska
Stop 2 = Group picture 2! The water in the background is looking like milk because it is glacier water, it cantains small particels that makes it look like milk.
Christmas treas!!!
Me! It was so windy!
Group picture 3! At the sea life center, with a real seal in the background!!
The happy fish, so cute!!
Jellyfish. Did you know that they don't have any heart? Or brain? They are stupid hartless creatures! (hehe)
After Sea life center we whent back to Anchorage and home to Micheles (the local coordinator) home to eat, and make Smores, the marshmallow in kex with choclate thing. I couldn't have any marshmallows though (they are not vegetarian), but it tasted awesome with just the kex and the choclate..
My vegetarian smorse in the background!
At the table, where we played some games and had a good time.
It was a good day!

Half day in school and shopping with Nora

Hi! Today have been an awesome day! It was only a half day in school today, and by that I really mean HALF DAY, we literally had all klasses for 30 minutes each. It was interesting and really chill! It should always be like that!
At the teenage issues we did american pancakes and just talked. Me and Nora tried to make swedish pancakes from the american batter, but it did not turn out that well..
After school Me and Nora whent to the 5th Avenue Mall. We spent the whole afternoon shopping, and we fould lots of nice stuffs for so cheap prices! For example, at Abercrombie and Fitch I found a really cute top at sale for only 9 dollars, that is like 55kr! And Nora found a west at 40% sale. 
We also had some vegetarian sushi, and some Starbucks coffee.
We had so much fun!
Me today!
Me and Nora with our American Pancake!
Nora at the sushi place in the Mall.
Me and my beloved Starbucks coffee!
Vegetarian sushiiiiii

 What I bought: The bow top, jeans and the gray top at Abracomie, at sale, in swedish money I payed 450kr for all of it! If this would bd in sweden I would have to pay at least twice that for it! I also buyed the blue cardigan and a white T-shirt at another store, for like 140kr. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!
I also bought all of these underwears, for 1,99 dollar each! 
I love this countries prices, and especially that Alaska don't have any tax that you have tp add to the price as you have to inte the lower 48.
Tomorrow is a day of from school, and I don't really know what do do.. Probably go to the gym with Nora, and then we will se what comes up.

My week in pictures

Monday: I whent to the gym to do a boot-camp, and after that Harrison came and picked me up, and we whent to the cinema! We saw "Gravity", it was a really good movie! I don't know if it is out wet in sweden, but if it is you should all go and se it!
Tuesday: After school Kristie picked me up, and we whent to a skate/snowboarding store and I bought some winter clothing. In the picture you can se it, I bougt a "Ninja suit", which is made of Merino wool, one of the wormest materials in the world, so it I don't survive the Alskan winter now it would be weird.
I also did ballet!
Wednesday: I whent out in the middle of the night to catch the auroras with my camera!
Thursday: Ballet day #2! I really like the ballet studio I go to here in Anchorage, even if I'm not allowed to do the harder classes (I had to do kind of a test class to se which level they thought I should attend, what I didn't know was that they did it at my first ballet class for 5 months.. I didn't know that they caunted that class as a test, and of course it didn't go to well after such a long pause, so they places me in a "open teenage/adult class"..). But the good thing with the classes I go to is that there never are more than 6 people in it! And usually we are only 2-4 persons, so it is like a private class, and you really learn a lot, about the details that maybe is harder to work on on a higher level. But hopefully they will let me take the harder classes next semester!
Friday: This day was a day off from school, because it was like "Alaska day" or something like that, so I spended it on the gym! 
On Friday I also whent to Cosco with my hostparents to buy some new veggies and fruits! Cosco is like the biggest food/everything else that you didn't think should be in a food store store! It is like Ikea but with food and other stuffs!
This moose did also walk around in my neighborhood that day! 
Saturday: I whent to the gym, and after that I whent to buy my first coffee in almost a week!! IT WAS SO GOOD! (maybe I'm getting a bit addicted here...) I didn't get in on Starbucks this time, because my hostdad wanted to show me the Alaksan coffee place, which actually was even better than Starbucks, because they had soy milk that you could have in your coffee, which I have not seen on Starbucks!
Later in the afternoon on Saturday I whent to Noras house (my sweede), and she had the fatest cat I have ever seen!! It was like dangling when it walked! HAHA! And what she does on the picture is pretty much what she did the whole time, chilling on the armchair! 
By the way, my granddad has exactly tha same armchair as they had home at Noras place! I felt like home!
Noras host sister Hattie whent with us to The Beer Tooth (a cinema place), and we watched "The Heat" together, I have seen it before, but Nora hadn't, but it was still so much fun!!
I absolutely love that cinema! Here on the picure you can se the room where you order the food you want to get when you watch the movie (there is tables in the room where you se the movie), and the atmosphere in here is just so chill! It really reminds me of one of my favorite Coffee places in Stockholm, "Kaffé String".
After the movie we whent home to Noras place again where me and Nora watched "Svenska Hollywood Fruar", and talked about everything that matters to talk about! I slept at her place, and in the morning today (Sunday) we both spent some time at the computers Skyping with our Swedish families. Her hostdad made us American panncaces with Swedish Lingon berries to brakfast and we had a great time together! 
Yeeeeezz, so that was my week! Hope you all have had an awesome week too!

Perfume bomb!

This sunday I whent to the mall to buy a new pair of jeans, which I found on sale on American eagle outfitters. I also found these nice Body Mists on The Body Shop! I got a really good deal where I bought 2 and got 2 for free (I´m not kidding), so I bought these 3 perfumes and a hand lotion, (I could pick whatever I wanted as the 2 extra thigs from the store that was in the same price range as the perfumes).
They all smell really good, and now I stand for a hard decition every morning - how should I smell today?! Haha!

The northern light

Hi! Yesterday at 10pm while I was sitting in the sofa and watched Modern Family my hostparents said that we probably could se the northern light if we whent to a darker place! We packed our cameras and putted on the warmest clothings we could find and drove about 40 minutes away from the town out in nowhere. We were not the only photographers who was there, but we had a very good spot. We fixed our cameras and waited for the lights to begin. That awesome amazing northern light that you can se on google never came, but I could clearly se a green shimmer around the mountains siluetts. 
I could clearly the all the stars I have never seen before! And I saw the Milky Way like a highway over the sky! 
It looked like this trough the canera after using 30sec shutter. (Thats why the stars are a bit like lines, they move during the time I take the picture). In this picture you can actually se a shooting star! About in the middle of the picture, a bit to the left. I can add that I actually could not se the snow on the mountains, it was to dark, but the camera catched it!
The green light is the auroras (northern lights).
I´m hoping that I will be abole to se a real massive northern light some night during this year, I really hope that I am lucky! But this was a really good start!
The bad thing was only (or I don´t mind it..) that we got home at 1.30pm in the moddle of he night, and I was suppose to go up at 5.30pm again. Haha! Fail on that! I got a nice sleep until my luch started instead..

Yearbook Photographer

Hi! Today I have been in the 5th Avenue Mall here in Anchorage and bought a pair of new jeans, and some perfumes on The Body Shop, just so you know! I´ll show it to you tomorrow, it is to dark to take pics on them now, but I can tell you that one of the perfumes smells like coffee, another smells like ginger and flowers and the third says that it smells like India, and I think it does. Awesome smells!
I have also been taking Noras yearbook photos! She came o me at 4 and Kristie and Daniel helped us to fix the photo studio. The photos ended up really good, and here is some of them:
Me and Nora! I am so glad that I have her here! 
Tomorrow a storm will come to the city, and it will stay for some days.. My hostparents said that it wont be like a Florida tornado, but it will be pretty windy and rainy, and some trees will probably fall. But I will survive, I mean, we have storms in Sweden too, no biggie!

Exchange day

Today we had a special day in school, me and all the other exchange students in school held presentation about being exchange students here in Alaska and make the Americans think about doing the same thing as us but to Europe. It was really fun, but a bit repetitive since we held the same presentation 6 times.. But after that the whole school really knew who I am, and everyone started to say hi to me in the corridor, haha!
There was about 150 peoples listening to us every class..
ME and Nora in Noras homemade Swedish shirts, haha, she had been making them in a mirror, so her shirt says "Sverige" (sweden) reverse!
All the Exchangers!! Or not Nora and Monica, I think thet were at the toilet or something..
The school got us lunch, like payment for all of our effort!
Here is ALL the exchangers at Dimond High School!
Yep, I have had such an awesome day today! I have met so many new peoples and made even better friend with the other exchanges! And the night is still young! In about 40 minutes Chance will come and pick me up and me, Lars, Alex, Chance and Chances friend will go to a disco bowling! It will be so much fun! 

The Cinnamon Bun Day

Today it is the national Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden! And I had to celebrate it by making Swedish Cinnamon Buns. They didn´t taste as they do in Sweden though.. But they were good enough. 
We didn´t have any pärlsocker though.. And it was so hard to find the cardamom in the store, but we did, and here they are! A small peace from Sweden in Alaska! I´m gonna bring them tonight when I will go bowling with some friends and se what they think about them.

From Flattop

Hi! Today it´s Tuesday. And I have been spending almoust my whole day writing a reading test. It was 54 pages long, and really boring, and the weirdest thing is that it dosn´t even really matter if I pass it or not, because I am and exchange student and I won´t graduate in the same way as my american friends anyways, but I still have to do those test 3 days in a road for no reason. Today was reading, tomorrow is writing and on Thursday it is math. 
Efters school me and Nora whent to Starbucks for drinking coffee and talk. It is so nice to have Nora here, so I have someone to talk Swedish to, and have someone to discuss all the things that no one else understands with. No I am home and have just finished some dinner before Daniel will take me to my ballet class. 
Yesterday I whent to a gym pretty close to my home to sign up as a member. It is a really nice place with lots of workout equipment and lots of good classes. I can go to all of their gyms in Anchorage on my gym card, so it will never be to far to my workouts! I decided to sign up for gym and ballet instead of only lots of ballet as home because of that the ballet is very expensive here.. So it is not worth it to take more than 2 classes in ballet each week.
So my workout schedule will approximately look like this:
Monday: Gym, boot camp
Tuesday: Ballet
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Ballet
Friday: Chill or gym
Saturday: Yoga class at the gym
This Sunday I whent with my hostparents to Flat top, It´s a nice viewing point up on a mountain 30 minutes from home. And I got some really nice pictures from the views! And I am happy that we did not meet a bear, because they life up there on the mountain tops, and are getting fat for the winter right now, but I didn´t se any!
Anchorage, from far away!
There is snow on the tops..
STARBUCKS!! I got my first coffee sence I arrived to here this Sunday. It was so good!! I never have had such a good cup of coffee! And the price of a plain dark toasted bean coffee with milk here on Starbucks is 1,75 dollar = 11,12kr. I´m gonna buy coffee on Starbucks every day! (And we have one locaded in a 10 minutes walk from my house...)