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Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I have moved my blog to another site, so just klick at the link below and you'll get there!


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1 Advent!

Helloooo! Today was the 1st Advent! And I got to celebrate it with other Swedes at a Swedish ladys house here in town. Me and Nora went there together, and it was so nice! We listened to swedish christmas music, ate swedish christmas kakes and cookies and drank swedish Glögg! We also litted the first candel on the advents ljusstake together. It was all so nice and cozy and for a while it felt like I was home in Sweden. 
This was on our way to the "Jul fika", it is about -40° celcius outside, and I think it is painful to breath outside.. So I stay inside!
Here you can se the mauntens in the background too.
When we arrived to Irene's (the swedes) house we got welcomed by a cozy fire.
A loooot of lussebullar!
Pepparkakor (gingerbread)
And of course, GLÖGG!!! 
Irenes housbend got a Star Wars lego christmas calender from one of the other guests, and he got so happy!
I got to make a wich..
Irene litted the first candel on the Adventsljusstake.
It was such a perfect afternoon and now i really feel the christmas spirit! Haha, started to listen to christmas music on spotify when I got home.. Only 25 days left!