Ice hockey game

Hey guys! Last saturday night I whent to a ice hockey game for the first time of my life! It was my organization STS that organized it, so I met up with lots of the other exchange students from all around Anchorage there, it was fun to meet them again! Almost all the other exchangers from my school was also there, and we sat together. 
The game was actually pretty fun to watch, even if I don't care at all about ice hockey, but there was no fight!! Which sucked because that is all I have heard about ice hockey - there is fights, but not that day..
Anchorages hockey team won the game with 5-0.
The Anchorage teams mascot, a polar bear (I think it is pretty ironic, hehe)..
From the left, Emilie from Denmark, MEEEE, Lars from Germany, Dominic from Switzerland, they all do to Dimond.
All the exchange students that whent to the game!
Me and a random mascot!
This si how Americans look!
YEEY! 5-0!
After the game everyone got free fortune-cookies, but it was no real fortune cookies, because they had commersial in them for some suchii restaurant, haha!
It was a fun saturday! 

Kul med hockey... Jag åker nu till Portugal o kanske tittar på fotboll Sverige/Portugal.

Kram mormor

2013-11-05 | 12:58:00

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