Hellooooo! Yesterday was Friday, and we had a Riflery game after school, against South, so I got to meet Gjöri! She is in their team, and she is from Norway. We won the game, and I spended some hours in the club room with my team mates! After that there was the Talent show in school, and Nora was in it with her host sister Hattie. They didn't win anything, but they were very good, and I think that they deserved a price! After the Talent show we whent to Lars house for a team party! Haha, or party my be an exaggeration, we were 5 people chilling with a tv game and Lars host brothers snakes for some hours. It was nice, and we had fun! 
I feel like I have made so many new friends trough the Riflery team in only some days, and it feels awesome! I have even met a person who also haves All Time Low as her favorite band! AWESOME!!
The Rifler team room chilling!
We whent to the old gym and played some ball
Talent show program
Nora, and her crew!
Some guys who danced Break-dance, and thought they were super gangster, they were good at dancing, but I think they looked more hipster in their Flanell shirts..

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