I have joined a team!

Hey! I joined a team today after school! The Riflery team! They meet up after school everyday in the riflery room and shoot for a while, and every friday it is competition against some of the other High Schools in Anchorage, so therefor we dress up every Friday for the games. I think it will be really fun, and now I have something fun to do after school and I can learn something new.
Me in my Riflery clothes, they are totally new, so they are super stiff! I could not even sit down in a normal position, haha! They are suppose to be stiff even when they are worn in so they can keep you more stabil and then shoot better, so you can only imagine how they feel when they are new then..
How it looks in the shooting room.
Me and Lars in the chilling room, he showed me some German rap music, and we had fun with the other while we were waiting on his brother to get one with his shooting so he could drive us home.
My first Riflery shooting ever! Not to bad if you ask me!

Hej min lilla dotter :-) ser att du har anlag för prickakytte
Du har en jämn fin träffbild, det syns att bössan är bra inställd
och att skotten ligger nära vilket visar att du har bra syn genom
Siktet. Varför du inte har alla mitt i prick beror troligen på att du
andas fel när du siktar. Ta djupa andetag innan du ska skuta varje skott ska du se att du kommer att ligga mitt i prick hela tiden.
Kram pappa

2013-11-08 | 22:36:58

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