I FINALLY got the package my mom sended to me for like 3 weeks ago yesterday! It was a package with 6 Daim!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! DAIIIIIM!!! YEY! I gave one of them to Nora today in school, she became so happy so she started to cry, haha! It felt good to be able to make someone so happy. 
Hela klassen tyckte vi va dumma i huvet som typ dog av happiness över en choklad. När vi förklarade att det är en sjukt god choklad från Sverige så ville alla smaka, men ingen fick! 
I had two hard test today too, in English, about Othello, that we have been reading for a while. And in Economics, about labor and wages. Hopefully I get a C...
This is how I looked today, just so you know! (or so you keep updated on how I look so you all know wich one is me when I get home, hahaha!)

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