Sunday in Alaska

Helloooo! Today I could se the sun!!! (it does not happen every day here..) We started the day with american pancaces! I woke up to the sound of that something was happening is the kitches, PANKAKEEEES! At 9 we ehent to the church, it was my first time to go to a mormor church, (or I was at one at home whent I was about 4 with my mormorn friend back then, but I don´t even remember it that well..) it was nice even if I don´t believe in the religion! I like the peaceful feeling is churches, and the peoples there are always nice. I actualy met a Swedish lady with dreads there, it was so awesome, we could speak swedish together and I don´t know, talk Ikea or something, haha! I also met some peoples from my school, so I had a good time, I will definitely join my hostparents there again!
We also whent to a big campus park today with the dogs. It was really fun and the dogs had a blast! Sophie loves to swim, and there was a lake there, so she was running up and down in the water. 
It was really good weather today, and pretty warm for being here (I still had to wear my coat.. But all the Alaskans was going around in shorts and t-shirts (they are probably crazy...))  and the sun was out the whole day, so when we got back home I decises to take a long walk to the mall (takes like 30 minutes to go to there) and try to take some pictures for a photoproject in my photoclass in school. It whent pretty good, and I also found a really nice sportsbra on Forever 21, and a pair of shorts and a nice knitted shirt in the awesome sale for 10 box.
So the conclution of this day : AWESOME!
The lake
Sophie thinks that she is a cow, and likes to eat grass. I think she is a vegeatarian.
There is a lot of muchrooms here!
The good thing with having host parents who likes to take pictures, there is actually proof fore that I was there!
I´m gonna go to bed now, tomorrow is Star wars day in school, and I will change some classes because I don´t feel as they are something for me. Se yall tomorrow!

Went* :)

2013-09-16 | 17:12:14

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