Exchange student dinner!

Hi! Tonight it was a big dinner at a buffet restaurant in the city with lots of exchangestudents. It was really fun to meet new people who are in the same position as me, and I also got to meet a new girl who also is from sweden but travels with another agency. Me and Nora was a bit worried about that the buffe place would not have enough vegetarian alternatives, but we were wrong! SO MUCH VEGETABLES! And they also had fruit, and lots of awesome stuffs that you could put in the choklet fontain...
Exchangers from all around the world, from China to Egypt to Germany and Sweden!
Nonvegetarian food
The norwegan guy Lars that I flew here with! I don´t understand one word in Norwegain, so we have to speak english, haha!
That fontain... I want to have it next to my bed!
Nora and Felicia who enjoyed the fontain as much as me! 
All the Exchange students who came to the dinner! In the one a bit to the left in a green hat!
I have had a awesome day and night!

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