The northern light

Hi! Yesterday at 10pm while I was sitting in the sofa and watched Modern Family my hostparents said that we probably could se the northern light if we whent to a darker place! We packed our cameras and putted on the warmest clothings we could find and drove about 40 minutes away from the town out in nowhere. We were not the only photographers who was there, but we had a very good spot. We fixed our cameras and waited for the lights to begin. That awesome amazing northern light that you can se on google never came, but I could clearly se a green shimmer around the mountains siluetts. 
I could clearly the all the stars I have never seen before! And I saw the Milky Way like a highway over the sky! 
It looked like this trough the canera after using 30sec shutter. (Thats why the stars are a bit like lines, they move during the time I take the picture). In this picture you can actually se a shooting star! About in the middle of the picture, a bit to the left. I can add that I actually could not se the snow on the mountains, it was to dark, but the camera catched it!
The green light is the auroras (northern lights).
I´m hoping that I will be abole to se a real massive northern light some night during this year, I really hope that I am lucky! But this was a really good start!
The bad thing was only (or I don´t mind it..) that we got home at 1.30pm in the moddle of he night, and I was suppose to go up at 5.30pm again. Haha! Fail on that! I got a nice sleep until my luch started instead..

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