Last football game

The last football game was yesterday, and Dimond lost.. That sucked, but we had fun anyways! 
Vi är de röd/guldiga, the Dimond Lynx!
Francesca, Monica (who didn´t want to be in the picture..) and Michael who really wanted to be in the pic, haha!
We took the car to a place with awesome Frozen Yoghurt after the game, pretty stupid, because we were already freezing from sitting outside for hours in COLD weather, but there is always the right time for ice cream, right? haha!

Homecoming #2 !

Hey! You are probably very tiered of all my posts about homecoming by now, but that´s to bad for you, because today is West High Schools homecoming, and because of that I know Josefin (the girl I whent here with) who goes there I can attend to it! I was to lazy to spend more money on one more dress, so I will just wear the same outfitt as last saturday, but my hair is different. I whent to the hairdresser today, and I asked her to fix some fancy curls in it too when she had cut it. I feel like Maria Montazami!
They washed my hair, and then I got to sit in this hairdryer machine, like a big bowl! I think I look a bit like a fiffun..
And here it is! A bit shorter (I told the hairdresser that "Less is more", so she wouldn´t cut of to much..), a bit curlier and with a party bindi in da face!
I also whent to a balletclass this morning, I have been able to go to like 4 classes for free this week because Josefins hostsister dances ballet too, and the place had like "bring a friend week", so it was totoally free! But I will start to take classes in my right level next week! Im so excited! 

The good pictures!

Here comes the good pictures that Michaels dad took before we whent to the dance last saturday!
From the left: Francesca, Josedin, Tristan, Monica, Michael, me, and two more cool peoples!
That poase!
Yes, so there they are! Enjoy our beauty! Haha! 

Exchange student dinner!

Hi! Tonight it was a big dinner at a buffet restaurant in the city with lots of exchangestudents. It was really fun to meet new people who are in the same position as me, and I also got to meet a new girl who also is from sweden but travels with another agency. Me and Nora was a bit worried about that the buffe place would not have enough vegetarian alternatives, but we were wrong! SO MUCH VEGETABLES! And they also had fruit, and lots of awesome stuffs that you could put in the choklet fontain...
Exchangers from all around the world, from China to Egypt to Germany and Sweden!
Nonvegetarian food
The norwegan guy Lars that I flew here with! I don´t understand one word in Norwegain, so we have to speak english, haha!
That fontain... I want to have it next to my bed!
Nora and Felicia who enjoyed the fontain as much as me! 
All the Exchange students who came to the dinner! In the one a bit to the left in a green hat!
I have had a awesome day and night!


Today I helped my host parents to save a group pittbull poppies from a bad home and bring them to their new good host parents!

Homecoming night!

Yesterday night was HOMECOMIIING dance!! It was awesome and I had so much fun!
I whent to Monicas place at 5 and we got ready togeter with Josefin and Francesca before Michael and Tristan picked us up for going to a lake and take fancy homecoming pictures. After that we whent to a suchii restaurang close to school where they had aweome vegetarian suchii! And after that we whent to the dance. It was a crazy dance with so much people! It was like a big twerkmosh, haha! Totoally crazy! I don´t really consider myself as a twerker, so I stayed out of that area, but I had a awesome time dancing some kind of non existing mix dance, haha!
Getting ready!
Me and Josefin!
Monica, Josefin, me and Francesca!
I forgot to take a picture of my food, so here is a picture of the emty plate :D
I didn´t want to bring my camera, because I didn´t want to lose it, thats why the pictures are so bad, but I will get the good ones from the lake in some days, so you´ll just have to wait for them!

Spirit week over!

Hi! I´m back! I have had so much to do so I forgot about my blog, haha! The whole week have been really good, and it have really been fun to be a part of the whole american "spirit week" thing! Yestoday I was at Anchorage classical ballet acadamy and tried their ballet classes. They were so good, and it felt sooooo good to be back in my danceshoes! I´m gonna have to do a audition to be able to join the more advenced classes, and pointshoe classes, but I really liked the place, the classes were small, which gave everyone more attention from the teacher. It is pretty expensive though.. So i´m gonna have to think about how much I´m ready to spend, but I´m sure that I want to keep on dance there!
Today is the Homecoming Game, so I will soon go back to school to meat up with Nora and some other peps and go and watch it. I will bing my camera so the pictures will be better then thouse from todays ensamble:
The seniors who are cheering about that we are seniors!
The homecoming princes and princesses who were presented, tomorrow on the dance we will se wich couple who wins.
The Dimond mascot!
Nora on the right side, and other seniors .
Me and Nora!
Most of the exchange students in Dimond! 
Someones locker that I saw today, who apperently got asked for homecoming.
My lock to my locker, it was SO hard to learn how it works, it is advanced! But now I know how it works.
Outside of school!

Good morning!

Good morning! It´s 6:55am and in 5 minutes I will get my ride to school, that starts at 7.30. TAKE THAT everyone in sweden who comes late when they start at 10 or something!
Se yall later!

Homecoming date - check!

Today was a good day! First of all because me and my Swedish friend Nora who also goes to Dimong high both had to change some classes, and we both could, so now I only have chill classes! So here is is my new schedule! I am so pleaces with them all! I have the "Teen Issues" class together with Nora, so we are just sitting there talking Swedish and noone understands us! Then I also choosed Guitar instead of American History, and that was a really fun class too! I already know some ackords and some songs, so it was actually pretty easy even if the other students already have been in that class for about one month now. And it was also really fun to do music again! I havn´t had it on my schedule for over one year, and to start it up again made me realise how moch I have been missing it. 
And suring lunch me and Nora was going out with Lexie and Michael, because they wanted to go to McDonalds or something, I brought my own food, because the fastfood here is not really that friendly for vegetarians.. But yes, we whent out of school where Michael was waitning with his car, and there he stands, with flowers and a sign where he asked me if I wanted to go with him to the Homecoming dance this Saturday! I was so surprices that he made such a big deal out of it, I mean that would never happen in Sweden! I mean I have never even got flowes from a guy before, haha! But I guess that is how they do it here in the states! But it was so sweet of him, and im sure Homecoming will be fun! 
He tried to write it in Swedish, as you can se, and he almoust nailed it! (or googletranslate did..), haha! We had a good laugh about it when I told him what it actually stood, something like: "Hey Swedie, It will really be cute when you go to homecoming with me?" 

Sunday in Alaska

Helloooo! Today I could se the sun!!! (it does not happen every day here..) We started the day with american pancaces! I woke up to the sound of that something was happening is the kitches, PANKAKEEEES! At 9 we ehent to the church, it was my first time to go to a mormor church, (or I was at one at home whent I was about 4 with my mormorn friend back then, but I don´t even remember it that well..) it was nice even if I don´t believe in the religion! I like the peaceful feeling is churches, and the peoples there are always nice. I actualy met a Swedish lady with dreads there, it was so awesome, we could speak swedish together and I don´t know, talk Ikea or something, haha! I also met some peoples from my school, so I had a good time, I will definitely join my hostparents there again!
We also whent to a big campus park today with the dogs. It was really fun and the dogs had a blast! Sophie loves to swim, and there was a lake there, so she was running up and down in the water. 
It was really good weather today, and pretty warm for being here (I still had to wear my coat.. But all the Alaskans was going around in shorts and t-shirts (they are probably crazy...))  and the sun was out the whole day, so when we got back home I decises to take a long walk to the mall (takes like 30 minutes to go to there) and try to take some pictures for a photoproject in my photoclass in school. It whent pretty good, and I also found a really nice sportsbra on Forever 21, and a pair of shorts and a nice knitted shirt in the awesome sale for 10 box.
So the conclution of this day : AWESOME!
The lake
Sophie thinks that she is a cow, and likes to eat grass. I think she is a vegeatarian.
There is a lot of muchrooms here!
The good thing with having host parents who likes to take pictures, there is actually proof fore that I was there!
I´m gonna go to bed now, tomorrow is Star wars day in school, and I will change some classes because I don´t feel as they are something for me. Se yall tomorrow!

First week - CHECK!

Hi! Today I have been here for exaktly one week! And it could not be better here, I have already got so many new friends, got a new awesome family, learned how it is to live with dogs and cats (it is awesome! And Mac is not camplaining about my fast walk speed like all my friends!!), the school is also greate! I don´t think I will be able to go home again, haha!
Yestoday me and my hostfamily whent to a local farmers market to buy some frech vegetables! They has so big vegetables!!!! OMG! You should have seen the beets! One was like 3 at home! It is because of the high emount of day light hours they have here in the summers, so the vegetables gets BIG!
They had so much to choose between, pink, orange and purple beets, 1000000 different types of potatoes (all from black ones to pink ones), and so good frech broccoli! I had some of the veggies that we bought yestoday tonight, and they tasted really good.
We also drew around a bit in the town to try to find a plae where I can start to dance my ballet, and I think we did find a place, I got a tips about the place from my Swedish friend heres hostsister, who goes to ballet there. It is like the only place here that actuallt have real classical disciplined ballet classes, so I will try to call them tomorrow and se what they say.
We also whent to a wild animal center a bit away from Anchorage, where they had all kinds of wild animals that also live in the real wild here is Alaska (they had fence on this place (thank god!!)). A moose tried to kill me though.. Even if it had a fence.
Some of the potatoes at the Farmers market
Mushrooms that I used in a omelett this night, that tasted good, but had a weir texture..
On our way to the animal center, the nature here is so amazing! I think it was one of the coolest drives I have been in, when it comes to the wiew, I could se glaciers, steep, high green mountains and mountains that were so high so the clouds were under the top!
They had this small little nice bird...
This cute animal (i can´t remember the name of the animal type, but it is not any moose or reindeer.
Hehe, my hostfamily! They are also really in to photography, so there is never any complaining if you say that you just need to stop the car to take a picture of something along the road, or if you just need to stay a bit longer to get a picture, we all gets it!
They also had black and brown bears.. They were literally 1 and a half meter from me when I took those photos, and we had only a fence between us. I´m so glad he wasn´t hungry!
But I still think they look cute, I mean, thay look like good hugers! 
This animal STINKS! But it´s really cute! Like a big hamster! His name is Stinky.
And here is me with the moose who tried to kill me! I was just trying to take an ordinary selfie with Mr. Moose, but he decided that he didn´t like me, and started to try to get his antlers through the fence and kill me.
And here is the big vegetables that you found on google Maria (my aunt)! I have seen them live! They are starting to die now, but they do excist! 
A deer (or something)
It was a nice wiew that I had to show you.
On there pictures you can se hou the clouds are lower than the mountain tops!
On Saturday night we whent to a STS meeting, where all the other exchange studens and there host families also were. It was so nice to meat all of them! I finally got to meat the other 2 Sweeds who also live here is Anchorage, but they don´t go to my school. And I met a Danish girl who actually goes to my school, and a lot of other exchangers. I will meet them all again on Thursday, because then we will have a big dinner at a restaurant here in the city.
Yep soooo, that was my Saturday!

It´s friday!!

Today it is friday! My first friday in Alaska, but far away from my last. Today I met the other Swedish exchange student in my school, we have both been trying to find each other for like the whole week, but today we both got messages in our classes, and got to go to the office and talk to each other, it was soooo nice to speak Swedish and have someone who really was in the same situation as me! I will meet her and another exchange student from I think it was Serbia this Sunday and help them to take there pictures for the yearbook. 
After school I whent with Michel to Anchorage Downtown where he showed me around a bit, and then we whent to a big mall over there. It was a really nice mall, and I found a perfect backpack! You have to carry around your books and stuffs all the day in school here, because the breakes are not long enough for you to make it to your locker. 
I also found a awesome Bring me the Horizon shirt on Hot Topic, I love that store, and Zumies, why don´t we have them in Sweden?!?!?!
After that we whent to a second hand store to find clothes for next ween when it is Homecoming week, and every day will be a different dress up day. Monday - Star Wars day, Tuesday - Superhero day, Wednesday - Guys in thight, girls in pearls day, Thursdag - Grease day, and Friday - senior colours (because I am one) (dark red). It will be awesome!
I also took some sneaky pictures in my school today for you guys, we are not allowed to use our phones.
Here is the toilets, and on the left picture you can se the big "Homecoming" sign .
The main steirs to the second floor.
Fruitland, this was an awesome Smoothie bar in the mall, where you got to choose what you wanted in your smoothie, I choosed mange, peach and coconut, and it was so tasty!
We had fun in the big store "Target", where I did find some stuffs for the "Star wars" day (not the stuffs in the pictures..). But we also found those German lederhousen chaperons, and those gorgeous turkey hats, haha!
So here is one of the star wars stuffs that I did buy, it is like a small bag.
Here is the Bring me the horizon t-shirt!
And here is my new backpack.
And here is me in my superhero dress! It was actually one of my hostfamilies dog dresses.. Aaaaand it fits me, pretty crazy! But it is not like for dogs in the beginning, it is made of small children clothing, but it looks realy good! And it is awesome to have hostparents who are photogaphers, beckause they have like studio-stuffs, so you can randomly just create a picture like this in some minutes! 
Tomorrow I will do a lot of things, like go to a local farmers market in the morning, go around and look at the local ballet studios and in the evning there is a STS meating for all the exchange students who are travelling with STS. It will be really nice to meet everyone!

Beautiful Alaska

Hi! Today was a really good day in school. I got to know some new people and I got to know that one of the ones that I already know have the same musictaste as me, so we had something to talk about. He did also present me for one of his friends who also had had my "style" and my music tast. We also had a Senior meeting in the big gym where we took the senior photo, and got information about gradiation, like papers for the graduation rings, that everyone buys here, which is like a ring that represents your High School, and you and when you gradiated, like a Swedish "studentmössa".
After that I whent to eat lunch at McDonalds with some friends, and then I met some new peoples who were really nice! McDonalds here in the states don´t have any vegetarian stuffs.. So I had to take a cesar sallad without any chicken and a coke. They thought it sounded really fun, and we all had a good laugh at it. 
Yestoday me and my hparents whent to a nice photospot in the mountains, where we were suppose to pick blueberries, but instead we ended up with stopping each 5th minute to catch the wiew with the cameras.
Here is my graduation stuffs.
Me today after school, mu hmom Kristie took me to a bird spot place not that far from school and home. The cap is new, I bought it on Forever 21 for some days ago on some kind of super sale, I think it was for around 40 dollars from the start, but because of that it was on sale I got it for 20 dollar, and I got one more cap for free! That is a dark blue one that is a bit longer and more "formal". The "get one for free" thing would probably never happen on things like that in Sweden, haha, so I was pretty amazed! 
Here was the wiew from the bird place.
Aaaand here too!
Here comes some pics from yestoday:
To the left is some of Dan and Kristies friends that we met in the mountains, and to the right you can se my hostparent, and the dog Mac!
You se the snow on the tops on this picture? Here they call it "the Termination dust, when the snow starts to fall on the mountain tops there is approximately 3-4 weeks left before it starts to snow down on the ground too.
Tomorrow it is Friday! And after school I will hang out with a friend named Michel, we will go and buy stuffs for next week, when it is homecoming week in school, and every day of the week will be a "dress up in different costumes" day, like on Monday it is "Star wars day"! I really look forward to it! And on next friday there is homecoming game (soccer) and next saturday is the Homecoming dance! NExt week will be awesome!


Hellooooo! Today it is 9-11, so a ot of americans are doing something to remember what happened 12 years ago. In school we watched a movie about it in my math class, and then they haf the flag on half mast, but it wasn´t that much more than so. My schoolday was good, and I acctually got an A on my english speach about my dad! Home in sweden I have like C in english, and here I get an A on the first thing I do, haha! On the Lifetime fitness lesson we were in the gym and workes out, it was fun. In my Economics class we had a test, but I didn´t have to do good in it, because it was only my second class ever. So another senior interviewed me about that I am an exchange student, and me and all the other exchangers will be in the school magasine. 
A really bad picture of my school from this morning, I start at 7.30 am, so I have to go to school at like 7.. And it was raining, so ye, that´s why it´s a bad pic. The second one is at the flags.
My hostmom got me a Macflurry Oreo for after school! HOW AWESOME?!?!
One of my dogs here, her name is Sophie, and she is like the cutest dog ever! She loves to play, and run around, and to get petted. The other dog is Mac, he looks pretty much the same, but he is a bit bigger, and he is a little older.
Yestoday I got to expreience my first earthquake!! It wasn´t like houses were falling together and stuffs, but the ground were shaking.. I thought someone was walkning into the wal really hard, because that was what is felt like. But they are apperently really usual here, so there is nothing unusual.

I´m alive!

Hello! Jag landade i tid igår klockan 11 på kvällen här i Anchatore, Alaska. Flygresan gick bra och jag och min reskompis Josefin, som oxå är svensk klarade flygbytena asbra! Vi mötte upp norrmannen som också ska bo här i Anchorage först när vi kom till Denver. Han hade tydligen precis hunnit med planet i NY, så vi hann inte träffa han innan det. Det va en hel del turbulens hela vägen från Sverige hit, men man vänjde sig rätt fort, och i slutet blev det ganska mysigt. Mina värdföräldrar väntade på mig på flygplatsen och vi åkte hem till huset och pratade lite innan vi gick och la oss.
Today my host parents have been driving me around in the city, and we have been to my school, talking to my new mentor and I got to choose my schedule. I choosed photograpfy 1, english 11, integrated math, Lifetime Personal Fitness, United states history, and Economics. I will have the same schedual schedule every day, and start at 7.30 and end at 2pm. I will start tomorrow, i'm a bit nervous! 
After that we whent to a typlcal american restaurant, and I got to try corn fritters, it was like a deep-fried corn bun that you ate with honey butter. It was so sweet in the taste! Like a cake in sweden, haha! It will take a while to get used to, but it was nice to try.
After that we went to a big supermarket, and they had sooooooooooo much things! And they have this really big part with fresh fruits and vegetables, and also a really big part with vegetarian and healthy thigs, so it won´t be to hard to find vegetarian food here! 
My classes
Deep-fried corn
An REALLY big chocolate fountain, but the chocolate is like 20 years old.. So don´t eat it..
My feet-heater Mac! Best dog ever!
Me and my guard-dogs Sofie and Mac!

The last day in Sweden

Yes, the last Swedish day has now come to it´s end. My flight will leave Arlanda tomorrow morning at 9.05, to go to Alaska, Anchatore for almost a year. I am so nervous right now, and I have had a really hard time to sleep the last couple of days, but I took a long jogging tour tonight, and that made me feel so much better! 
Today I also said goodby to some of my absolute best friends, Denise, Ninni, Lovisa and Etienne, and also to my grandpa and Ingrid. They came over at a "fika" and we had a nice time. I know I will miss them all a lot, but hey, it´s soon summer again, and then I will be back in boring Sweden! 
My dear dear dear friends!
From the left: Dad, grandpa, and Ingrid!
From Left: Lovisa, me Denise! Hahah, so ugly picture! Lovisa gave me a USB with a lot of really old pictures, and we found one with a picture that looked a bit like this one but were like 7 years old! But here is a upgraded version!
Me and Denise! I will miss you sooooo much Denise!! 
My friends posted this on Instagram, and I stole the picture for the blog, hehe, but it is me with Ninni, Etienne and Lovisa. And it says "we will miss you" under it, I will miss you too guys! SOOO MUCH!!
My hostdad sent me a picture of my new american bed! It looks like it is the dubble size of my swedish one!! Im gonna sleep really well in this bed!
And I love the colours, light blue and brown, I could really not ask for more! I really look forward to go and sleep there now!
This is probably my last blog post before I arrive in Alaska, maybie I post something when I am in New York, before my next flight leaves, I have like 5 hours to kill there, so we shall se. Otherwise you will hear from me when I arrive!

Possibilities in Alaska

Here is some examles of what I think is possible to happen through my Alaska year (or not). If it does happen it will be cool!
I vill live in an igloo. I have never understand how peoples can live in those, isn´t it like -829481717° in there?! 
That I will become a eskimo 
That I will tame my own bear and don´t have to worry about getting eaten by it! 
Yes, so this is what I expect, and I think it is totally realistic thoughts, haha!

Packing - done?

Now when I got my host family I will start to write this blog in english, so they can understand it too! (and it is good practice for my year). I started to pack my bag today, and this is how far I came, I think I got the most important things, so I'm good to go, I mean, what more will I need than a winter jacket and a cap? 
Okey, i'm not done yet, far from done. It's gonna be so hard to decide which clothes I will leave home and take with me! But I will live really near a mall, so I don't think there will be any problem with shopping new stuffs if there is something I need. I will have to buy new first layer clothes, and winter trousers, it would take to much place in my bag to bring new stuffs from Sweden.
I called the airplane service for United Airlines, and asked if I am able to bring my longboard, and they said that that would cost me 200 dollar.. I can get a new longboard for 200 dollars! So I don´t think I will bring it, and maybe it´s not worth to bring it anyways, I mean it will soon start to snow in Anchorage, and then I can´t use it anyways. I can buy a snowboard instead, haha!
Later today I will take the train to John to say goodby, it will be weird to actually say goodby, like a REAL goodby. But it feels good to get one. On Saturday some of my friends will come over at fika (a swedish word that has no translation, its like a cookietime, or coffee break) and say goodby, and tomorrow I will say goodby to my grandmum. So many goodbys!!
But I am really excited, and I can´t wait to meet Daniel and Kristie!

I got my placement!!

Hej! Idag fick jag min placering! Jag ska till Alaska! Haha, det trodde ingen va? Alla bara gissade på det och så för att skojja, men så blev det! Dock hamnade jag inte mitt i ödemarken med isbjörnarna, jag hamnade i Anchorage, Alaskas största stad med drygt 300.000 invånare. Jag kommer bo med en värd mamma, som heter Kristie, och en värdpappa som heter Daniel, de är i 30-40 års åldern och älskar att fotografera, passar mig perfekt! De älskar även hundar, och har två egena, men hjälper även till som volontärer med hemlösa hundar. 
Skolan jag ska gå i heter A.J. Diamond High School, och har dryght 1800 elever (varav 3 andra som oxå är svenskar). Det verkar vara en bra skola, och skoldagarna varar från 7.30-14.00 (tror jag, är inte 100% att det kommer va exakt så, beror på vilka klasser jag tar) varje dag, och jag kommer bo 5 minuter från skolan, så jag kommer dit fort!
Jag kommer bo i en villa, i ett villaområde centralt i Anchorage, precis brevid the Mall (köpcenter). I staden finns även flera balettstudios, och min vmamma har tydligen oxå ett intresse för balett, så hon vet vart jag kan träna, och vill ta med mig på Nötknäpparen i vinter. Dock kan hon inte själv dansa eftersom hon sitter i rullstol, men det verkar inte hindra henne!
Jag har pratat lite men både henne och min vpappa på facebook idag, och de verkar verkligen vara en bra familj! Jag tror jag kommer trivas som fisken i vattnet, och få ett superbra år!
Jag åker nu på söndag, så har några dagar kvar i landet lagom, så om nån vill ses så hojjta till!
Da school!
Här ligger det från långt ifrån, ni ser USA och Canada som de två stora klossarna, och sen alaska på gränsen till Ryssland.. Under den Röda pricken ligger Anchorage.
Och här ser ni mitt nya hem på närmare håll, som sagt, mitt i ett bostadsområde.

Imorgon, imorgon IMORGON!!

Hej! Nu sitter jag här som ett litet barn dagen innan julafton och väntar på morgondagen, för imorgon får jag veta vart i USA jag ska bo! Känns precis som innan julafton när jag va liten, har inte känt den här känslan på sjukt länge, men nu är det snart dax! Även om jag är bland de typ 12 sista som kommer få familj imorgon, (eftersom det är sista dagen att få på) så känns det bara så bra! Efter all denna väntan så kommer jag snart veta! 
Dock finns det risk att jag får en så kallad "välkomsfamilj" som jag bara kommer bo tillfälligt hos, och sen byta till en peranent. Om så blir fallet kanske jag kommer behöva byta både skola och delstat när jag byter familj, men varför inte se det possitiva i det? Menar då får jag ju se ännu en ny plats, lära känna ännu mer människor och lära mig nya saker! Jag kan inte hitta något negativt med det mer än att jag måste packa igen.. men men!
När jag vet vart jag ska så kommer vi bestämma tillsammans med STS när det är lägligt att åka, jag hoppas på att få åka så snart som möjligt, gärna redan på torsdag! Men det måste ju klaffa med flygen, och funka för familjen, så vi får se, men senast på fredag tror jag.
Jag skriver mer imorgon när jag vet mer!
Vart som helst kan jag hamna! Så finns ju rätt mycket att chansa på, om man säger så, gissa gärna om du tror du vet! Om nån har rätt så är den personen typ cool!

Another day in Sweden

Ja, jag är fortfarande kvar i sverige.. Jag är seriöst med bland typ de 5 sista i Sverige som inte fått placering än, känns ju halvkul. Menmen, what to do? Jag kommer få en familj imorgon eller senast på onsdag, och åker så snart som möjligt då, dock kommer jag få flyga ensam hela vägen till USA, eftersom sista gruppresan går imorgon, och jag inte fått nån familj ännu, har jag tur ska någon annan åka samma flight som jag, eller så är det nån från någon annan del av världen som åker med mig från London, vilket jag verkligen hoppas! JAG VILL INTE ÅKA ENSAM!
Idag va jag i stan en stund med Martin, hans pappa hade möte vid Stureplan, och eftersom inte Martin heller fått nån familj så är han minst lika uttråkad och nervös som jag, så det är bra att jag har han att hänga med, och nån att prata om allt med, har jag riktig tur så kanske vi kan åka tillsammans till USA.
Blev inte så mycket bilder, men några:
Lite rolig text på taket på en dagisgård, det står "They said `sit down' I stood up".
Martin som använder sin nya kamera, en Nikon d7100, modellen efter min, jag förstår hans lycka! Äntligen kan han ta riktigt bra bilder när det är lite mörkare!
Okänd kvinna i tunnel.
Jag hoppas verkligen att jag får min familj imorgon!