Hellooooo! Today it is 9-11, so a ot of americans are doing something to remember what happened 12 years ago. In school we watched a movie about it in my math class, and then they haf the flag on half mast, but it wasn´t that much more than so. My schoolday was good, and I acctually got an A on my english speach about my dad! Home in sweden I have like C in english, and here I get an A on the first thing I do, haha! On the Lifetime fitness lesson we were in the gym and workes out, it was fun. In my Economics class we had a test, but I didn´t have to do good in it, because it was only my second class ever. So another senior interviewed me about that I am an exchange student, and me and all the other exchangers will be in the school magasine. 
A really bad picture of my school from this morning, I start at 7.30 am, so I have to go to school at like 7.. And it was raining, so ye, that´s why it´s a bad pic. The second one is at the flags.
My hostmom got me a Macflurry Oreo for after school! HOW AWESOME?!?!
One of my dogs here, her name is Sophie, and she is like the cutest dog ever! She loves to play, and run around, and to get petted. The other dog is Mac, he looks pretty much the same, but he is a bit bigger, and he is a little older.
Yestoday I got to expreience my first earthquake!! It wasn´t like houses were falling together and stuffs, but the ground were shaking.. I thought someone was walkning into the wal really hard, because that was what is felt like. But they are apperently really usual here, so there is nothing unusual.

Jag blir mer o0ch mer sugen på en tripp till Alaska! Kram mormor

2013-09-12 | 15:22:46

Ser jättefint ut dit du har kommit. Allt kommer bli bra där.

2013-09-12 | 19:54:14

Hahah fy fan vilken söt hund :D Vad har hänt med tungan vr fär den svart? :O

2013-09-15 | 10:15:51

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