Beautiful Alaska

Hi! Today was a really good day in school. I got to know some new people and I got to know that one of the ones that I already know have the same musictaste as me, so we had something to talk about. He did also present me for one of his friends who also had had my "style" and my music tast. We also had a Senior meeting in the big gym where we took the senior photo, and got information about gradiation, like papers for the graduation rings, that everyone buys here, which is like a ring that represents your High School, and you and when you gradiated, like a Swedish "studentmössa".
After that I whent to eat lunch at McDonalds with some friends, and then I met some new peoples who were really nice! McDonalds here in the states don´t have any vegetarian stuffs.. So I had to take a cesar sallad without any chicken and a coke. They thought it sounded really fun, and we all had a good laugh at it. 
Yestoday me and my hparents whent to a nice photospot in the mountains, where we were suppose to pick blueberries, but instead we ended up with stopping each 5th minute to catch the wiew with the cameras.
Here is my graduation stuffs.
Me today after school, mu hmom Kristie took me to a bird spot place not that far from school and home. The cap is new, I bought it on Forever 21 for some days ago on some kind of super sale, I think it was for around 40 dollars from the start, but because of that it was on sale I got it for 20 dollar, and I got one more cap for free! That is a dark blue one that is a bit longer and more "formal". The "get one for free" thing would probably never happen on things like that in Sweden, haha, so I was pretty amazed! 
Here was the wiew from the bird place.
Aaaand here too!
Here comes some pics from yestoday:
To the left is some of Dan and Kristies friends that we met in the mountains, and to the right you can se my hostparent, and the dog Mac!
You se the snow on the tops on this picture? Here they call it "the Termination dust, when the snow starts to fall on the mountain tops there is approximately 3-4 weeks left before it starts to snow down on the ground too.
Tomorrow it is Friday! And after school I will hang out with a friend named Michel, we will go and buy stuffs for next week, when it is homecoming week in school, and every day of the week will be a "dress up in different costumes" day, like on Monday it is "Star wars day"! I really look forward to it! And on next friday there is homecoming game (soccer) and next saturday is the Homecoming dance! NExt week will be awesome!

Ser jättefint ut på bilderna fin jacka du köpt.
Vad har hunden på sig har han med en jacka:-)
Hälsa Dan och Kristie.
Kram Pappa

2013-09-13 | 08:17:47

Du ser jätteglad ut och alla utsiktsfoton är "awsome". Det verkar livligt i college i Alaska - toppen! Man skulle vara 60 år yngre! Kramar till dig o familjen och hundarna förståss! Mormor

2013-09-13 | 09:09:04


2013-09-15 | 13:30:05

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