Homecoming #2 !

Hey! You are probably very tiered of all my posts about homecoming by now, but that´s to bad for you, because today is West High Schools homecoming, and because of that I know Josefin (the girl I whent here with) who goes there I can attend to it! I was to lazy to spend more money on one more dress, so I will just wear the same outfitt as last saturday, but my hair is different. I whent to the hairdresser today, and I asked her to fix some fancy curls in it too when she had cut it. I feel like Maria Montazami!
They washed my hair, and then I got to sit in this hairdryer machine, like a big bowl! I think I look a bit like a fiffun..
And here it is! A bit shorter (I told the hairdresser that "Less is more", so she wouldn´t cut of to much..), a bit curlier and with a party bindi in da face!
I also whent to a balletclass this morning, I have been able to go to like 4 classes for free this week because Josefins hostsister dances ballet too, and the place had like "bring a friend week", so it was totoally free! But I will start to take classes in my right level next week! Im so excited! 

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