Packing - done?

Now when I got my host family I will start to write this blog in english, so they can understand it too! (and it is good practice for my year). I started to pack my bag today, and this is how far I came, I think I got the most important things, so I'm good to go, I mean, what more will I need than a winter jacket and a cap? 
Okey, i'm not done yet, far from done. It's gonna be so hard to decide which clothes I will leave home and take with me! But I will live really near a mall, so I don't think there will be any problem with shopping new stuffs if there is something I need. I will have to buy new first layer clothes, and winter trousers, it would take to much place in my bag to bring new stuffs from Sweden.
I called the airplane service for United Airlines, and asked if I am able to bring my longboard, and they said that that would cost me 200 dollar.. I can get a new longboard for 200 dollars! So I don´t think I will bring it, and maybe it´s not worth to bring it anyways, I mean it will soon start to snow in Anchorage, and then I can´t use it anyways. I can buy a snowboard instead, haha!
Later today I will take the train to John to say goodby, it will be weird to actually say goodby, like a REAL goodby. But it feels good to get one. On Saturday some of my friends will come over at fika (a swedish word that has no translation, its like a cookietime, or coffee break) and say goodby, and tomorrow I will say goodby to my grandmum. So many goodbys!!
But I am really excited, and I can´t wait to meet Daniel and Kristie!

Det var jättetrevligt att se alla foton och höra allt positivt om din värdfamilj. Och jag är cool, eller hur, jag gissade rätt! Nu önskar jag dig ett jättekul år i ALASKA! Kanske jag dyker upp... Kramar från mormor

2013-09-07 | 10:02:17

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