Spirit week over!

Hi! I´m back! I have had so much to do so I forgot about my blog, haha! The whole week have been really good, and it have really been fun to be a part of the whole american "spirit week" thing! Yestoday I was at Anchorage classical ballet acadamy and tried their ballet classes. They were so good, and it felt sooooo good to be back in my danceshoes! I´m gonna have to do a audition to be able to join the more advenced classes, and pointshoe classes, but I really liked the place, the classes were small, which gave everyone more attention from the teacher. It is pretty expensive though.. So i´m gonna have to think about how much I´m ready to spend, but I´m sure that I want to keep on dance there!
Today is the Homecoming Game, so I will soon go back to school to meat up with Nora and some other peps and go and watch it. I will bing my camera so the pictures will be better then thouse from todays ensamble:
The seniors who are cheering about that we are seniors!
The homecoming princes and princesses who were presented, tomorrow on the dance we will se wich couple who wins.
The Dimond mascot!
Nora on the right side, and other seniors .
Me and Nora!
Most of the exchange students in Dimond! 
Someones locker that I saw today, who apperently got asked for homecoming.
My lock to my locker, it was SO hard to learn how it works, it is advanced! But now I know how it works.
Outside of school!

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