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Hello family and friends again! It was a while since I wrote now, and a lot have happened. I have changed family, and I finally really feel like I am home here in Alaska. I moved last saturday to my STS coordinators house to live there fore some days until my new family got approved. I moved in here last monday and I already feel like a part of this family! This family contains my hostdad Brad, hostmom Carey, host sister Julia and host brother Garet. They are all so nice to me and I am so glad that I get to live with them all! 
Also yesterday was Thanksgiving! My first one ever, and probably not my last, I will definatly adopt that celebration to Sweden, I mean who would not want to have a day of from school, to just eat as much as you can and be thankful for stuffs? Geniusly!! We celebrated it at some frieds house of my hostfamily. It was really much fun and we ate soooo much! (Even if I could not try the turkey and had broccoli and brussels sprouts instead) I tried pumpkin pie for the first time, which was so good, and we had some amazing brownies!
We came home areound 5 in the afternoon, and when we came home everyone just kind of passed out in their own beds of food coma, haha! Later that night I whent to Nora's house, because today it have been Black Friday, and we were gonna get picked up by Monica and her host dad at 6 in the morning, so I figured it was best to stay at Nora for the night. We spended the night with her host sister Hattie, playing Twister and watching Dr. Who, it was so nice!
Black Friday was not really as I thought it would be.. I thought it would be a totoal cause, with hours of lines and nothing left in the stores, but I was wrong. Here in Alaska Black Friday was camparable with Åhlens City in Stockholm on a monday morning (dead). It was like noone out there! I fould some really nice stuffs and saved some money. I also had a lot of fun with Monica and Nora while shopping! I love you guys! After we were done with our shopping I whent home with Monica to her place where I stayed for about an hour and just are some of their Thanksgiving leftovers, and watched Scoobie Doo until Carey came and picked me up. Now I am back home, and I am sooo tired! I will not stay up long tonight, feels like I'm ready to go to bed now, haha (and it's only 5)!
Here is some pictures from yesterday and today:
This is a picture from yesterday morning, from my hostbrother Garets hockeygame! He scored once and they won with 4-0! 
The Thanksgiving terkey! I think it was about 24pound! And there is my hostdad Brad who slizes it up on the picture.
I kind of forgot to take a picture of all of the food before we started to eat.. But here is a pic from when we were done, haha, in the food coma!
Here you can se our dessert, Brownies, Pumpkin pie and Apple pie!
And here is from today, from our coffe break in all the shopping! On the picture you can se me and Monika, my serb!
This is how my view was from the car window when we whent from the first mall to the second, the sun were just rising and is was so cold (below -7 ferenhight!! That is like -21 celcius!!) so the air was foggy.
And there was a rainbow!!
Me and Nora in the backseat! She cut up her thumb for some days ago when she tried to cut a avocado, haha, she had to go to the emergancy part of the hospital and got 3 stitches and a big bandage and now she can't feel anything in the top of her thumb...
And guys, it's only 26 days left!!!!

Varför bytte du familj? :o

2013-11-30 | 19:30:53

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