The Cotillion Dance in 34 pictures

The night started at Monicas and Francescas place where we got ready together.
Nora helped Monica with her makeup.
Me and the black ducktape, the sheap painful free-bra!!
Me and Nora
No, we are not normal, because normal is boring!
Tack och lov att jag har dig Nora! <3
My dress was awesome!
Beautiful Nora
Yes, we went crazy with the camera and couldn't stop to take pictures!!!
The whole gang!!
We whent to a Thai restaurant before we walked to the party. It was a very small restaurant, and we were the only guests they had, haha. The restaurant host wasn't even from thailand, she was Korean, haha, but she was so cute and nice!
My spicy Thai curry with fried veggies and tufo! It did not taste like Thaifood in Thailand at all, but it was good for beeing american and we had fun while eating it.
We ordered dessert too, one of each of the menue, plus this Thai Coffee.. It was actually really good, and we shared it like real brothers!
The good dessert, Sweet rice with mango and coconut sause, it was really good! We also ordered a "banana cake".. It was not good at all and the banana was pink, I have no idea what had happened to it, but it was not good..
The dance was at a fancy hotell close to the Thai resturant, everything was pink because it was like "breast cancer pink something" theam (they are crazy about that pink breast cancer thing here in America..).
This is what the "dance" looked like, or dance was a exaggeration.. People don't dance here, they Twerk.. and it is not pretty. And the music sucks! WHERE IS THE REAL PARTYMUSIC THAT YOU ACTUALLY CAN DANCE TOO?!? 
It looks better if you can't se the dancing people if you ask me, haha! No just kidding, but seriosly, I miss the Swedish way of dancing, where you actually ca enjoy it.
But I had fun, and I'm sure that we at least will go back to the Thai restaurant!!

Hej, måste bara säga att klänningen du hade på dig var sjukt snygg. Det var du också :)

2013-11-15 | 17:00:00

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