Half day in school and shopping with Nora

Hi! Today have been an awesome day! It was only a half day in school today, and by that I really mean HALF DAY, we literally had all klasses for 30 minutes each. It was interesting and really chill! It should always be like that!
At the teenage issues we did american pancakes and just talked. Me and Nora tried to make swedish pancakes from the american batter, but it did not turn out that well..
After school Me and Nora whent to the 5th Avenue Mall. We spent the whole afternoon shopping, and we fould lots of nice stuffs for so cheap prices! For example, at Abercrombie and Fitch I found a really cute top at sale for only 9 dollars, that is like 55kr! And Nora found a west at 40% sale. 
We also had some vegetarian sushi, and some Starbucks coffee.
We had so much fun!
Me today!
Me and Nora with our American Pancake!
Nora at the sushi place in the Mall.
Me and my beloved Starbucks coffee!
Vegetarian sushiiiiii

 What I bought: The bow top, jeans and the gray top at Abracomie, at sale, in swedish money I payed 450kr for all of it! If this would bd in sweden I would have to pay at least twice that for it! I also buyed the blue cardigan and a white T-shirt at another store, for like 140kr. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!
I also bought all of these underwears, for 1,99 dollar each! 
I love this countries prices, and especially that Alaska don't have any tax that you have tp add to the price as you have to inte the lower 48.
Tomorrow is a day of from school, and I don't really know what do do.. Probably go to the gym with Nora, and then we will se what comes up.

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