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Hi! Today it´s Tuesday. And I have been spending almoust my whole day writing a reading test. It was 54 pages long, and really boring, and the weirdest thing is that it dosn´t even really matter if I pass it or not, because I am and exchange student and I won´t graduate in the same way as my american friends anyways, but I still have to do those test 3 days in a road for no reason. Today was reading, tomorrow is writing and on Thursday it is math. 
Efters school me and Nora whent to Starbucks for drinking coffee and talk. It is so nice to have Nora here, so I have someone to talk Swedish to, and have someone to discuss all the things that no one else understands with. No I am home and have just finished some dinner before Daniel will take me to my ballet class. 
Yesterday I whent to a gym pretty close to my home to sign up as a member. It is a really nice place with lots of workout equipment and lots of good classes. I can go to all of their gyms in Anchorage on my gym card, so it will never be to far to my workouts! I decided to sign up for gym and ballet instead of only lots of ballet as home because of that the ballet is very expensive here.. So it is not worth it to take more than 2 classes in ballet each week.
So my workout schedule will approximately look like this:
Monday: Gym, boot camp
Tuesday: Ballet
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Ballet
Friday: Chill or gym
Saturday: Yoga class at the gym
This Sunday I whent with my hostparents to Flat top, It´s a nice viewing point up on a mountain 30 minutes from home. And I got some really nice pictures from the views! And I am happy that we did not meet a bear, because they life up there on the mountain tops, and are getting fat for the winter right now, but I didn´t se any!
Anchorage, from far away!
There is snow on the tops..
STARBUCKS!! I got my first coffee sence I arrived to here this Sunday. It was so good!! I never have had such a good cup of coffee! And the price of a plain dark toasted bean coffee with milk here on Starbucks is 1,75 dollar = 11,12kr. I´m gonna buy coffee on Starbucks every day! (And we have one locaded in a 10 minutes walk from my house...)

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