Exchange day

Today we had a special day in school, me and all the other exchange students in school held presentation about being exchange students here in Alaska and make the Americans think about doing the same thing as us but to Europe. It was really fun, but a bit repetitive since we held the same presentation 6 times.. But after that the whole school really knew who I am, and everyone started to say hi to me in the corridor, haha!
There was about 150 peoples listening to us every class..
ME and Nora in Noras homemade Swedish shirts, haha, she had been making them in a mirror, so her shirt says "Sverige" (sweden) reverse!
All the Exchangers!! Or not Nora and Monica, I think thet were at the toilet or something..
The school got us lunch, like payment for all of our effort!
Here is ALL the exchangers at Dimond High School!
Yep, I have had such an awesome day today! I have met so many new peoples and made even better friend with the other exchanges! And the night is still young! In about 40 minutes Chance will come and pick me up and me, Lars, Alex, Chance and Chances friend will go to a disco bowling! It will be so much fun! 

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