Happy Halloween people! Today have been such a great day! It was so fun with all the people who were dressed out in school, how we got cookies at the lunch break at the schools Halloween costume competition. 
I whent to Noras house at 7, and at 8 we whent out with her hostsister and her two firends to go Trick or treat, it was so much fun, me and Nora felt like we were 6 years old again, and we got SO MUCH CANDY!!! Seriously! And it was crazy how we saw how parents drove there kids almoust to the door to the houses they were going to, I mean, how will the kids learn how to take care of themselfs when they can't even do Trick or treat by themselfs, haha?!?! 
Some houses were so well fixed for halloween, people here does really put their soul into decorations!
Here is some bad mobile pictures from the day, and you can see that I was like a "Dead military" in school, and Nora was Pippi Longstocking, Monica was a Fire woman, And you can also se me and my friend Taylor who was a zebra. Before I whent to Nora I changed clothing to "Bear", because it was wormer. 
This have been an awesome halloween, and it was really a day to remember!
Now I'm gonna try to get some sleep, school tomorrow.. And I am totoally high on sugar! HAHA, I don't think I have been eating this much chocolate in a looong time! But now I have tried most of the American chocolate sorts, and some of them are not bad at all!
Good night dear friends and family! I really appriciate that you follow my blog even if I am bad at uppdating, and I miss you all so much!!!

Du är jättesöt som björn... mycket honung?

Kram mormor

2013-11-03 | 13:00:14

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